The End

The Poem I am about to write,
Will fill papers and feel hearts,
It has a Tale so Loud, I hear it shout,
It is like a child in its mother's womb,
Filled with anticipation of a better world,
but disillusioned upon birth they cry
and when that child begins to crawl,
My hand will hold the pen scrolling across the lines,
covering spaces with ink,
like a child learning with curiosity new things
and heading one way to the End :)

Back With A Free Will

It's been a while
Since I talked to you this way
In a tone only eyes do understand
Neatly displayed in a single verse
The words to be played top to bottom and in reverse
This poem made of one verse will blow like the wind
Go places run round this universe
Like oxygen gets to other humans enrich their lives
Get to plants give them a fresh breath of life
Come out fresh and do this forever.
The poem I am about to write will be like fire
Burning hot like a first time lovers desire
This poem is like that missive to the girl of his dreams
Filled with passion and sweeter dreams
Mission to bring people together | unite them in love.
This poem shall be a beginning of our time
Penned with zeal clinging tightly to the pen
In a style known only to Thelastpoet
A new way of writing, the only way indeed
The poem will always be read last
Always summarizing a happy ending
I am at the point where my thoughts wonder free
This poem just like a will, cut short by the lack of ink
Leaving the readers i…

Happy B-Day Emmanuh 2014

Tonight I took on an interesting journey, Call it a journey of twenty-something years, The journey of my dreams, Traveled back to my childhood days Back to the precious saved memories, In a bid to listen to childhood stories, Hoping to catch a happily ever after, Hidden somewhere deep in the dreams, I would never love to wake up just yet, To a world that will make me forget those wonderful memories.
I visited the days.... Days when I had a shoulder to lean on, Days when mama could tuck me into my crib, Days when I leapt without fear of a heartbreak, Days when my cries sent everyone into a frenzy, Days when my little smile stole women's hearts, Days when the sun always came from the east, Days when rivers could flow and birds could sing, Days when I struggled like a drunk man to get my balance Yes, I got there safely.
Too many memories are hidden far away beyond my reach I wish I could narrate and tale you all of it, Only the best I saved in my heart till this day, Since the journey was so short I had to…

To Us Without Valentine Prospects

It is high time I start taking this Valentine Thing seriously, yeah that will definitely be a step in the wrong direction, oh boy you are getting old and should actually start thinking of settling down, everyone in town is doing the same, all your ex girlfriends are now married with at-least a kid to show of it while you still single with a stone age perception that falling in love is about being soft. Well it isn't a perception but I am a hard to the core I will never be overwhelmed by strong emotions such as love.

Anyway back to the Valentine thing, what is it all about?  why do they talk about chemistry when it comes to the affairs of the heart? why not call it Mathematics, Agriculture or just Biology, adding one plus one there is an obvious answer unless you want to fail, come to think of it; the heart is a biological organ and so is the rose flower a symbol a plant in that matter, Not sure about love and chemistry maybe its because of the tears that are shed; a mixture of wat…

What Have I Done

I should have knocked instead, of bursting like this in your homestead, maybe I should have called on you yesterday, to tell you that this is just a habit of mine, it is a secret I held unto so dearly, A part I do so and so daily, When the grip of life is so tight, when they begin to dim the light, I play this game to release the pressure, to find the solution, as if the answer lies in the lines, I must search each alphabet, I must toss the words up and about, now look at what I have done.
I should have written a letter instead, of calling and telling this to your face, Maybe I should have send someone else, to ease you a bit before you listen to what I say, I know I should not have made this mistake, I should have talked to your friends, tell them to pass on this message, but at the moment do I have a choice? forever you will never hear my voice, singing to you this beautiful song, instead I will be left with a single memory, of a love so sweet I will be regretting, cursing the day I looked in your eyes, and j…

Brother Ali -- Forest Whitaker

As always I am inspired by Real Hip-Hop, To me hip-hop is poetry and whenever anything is poetry it inspires. I love Brother Ali and will listen to him over and over and over and over again. I love this inspiration "Forest Whitaker", something for different people this one is for you....
Forest Whitaker LyricsAnd yo whatever comes up comes out We don't put our hands over our mouth And whatever comes up comes out We don't put our hands over our mouth Whatever comes up comes out Please mister bass-man lay it on me
Hey yo, dependin on the day, and dependin on what I ate I'm anywhere from twenty to thirty-five pounds overweight I got red eyes and one of em's lazy And they both squint when the sun shines so I look crazy I'm albino man, I know I'm pink and pale And I'm hairy as hell, everywhere but fingernails I shave a cranium that ain't quite shaped right Face type: shiny, I stay up and write late nights My wardrobe is jeans and faded shirts A mixture of what I l…

2013 In Review

2013 a year that will now be history only a memory to many, a time some will reflect and smile while others will reflect and curse. That is how time is in life, time really never expires, unlike a fire time can never be extinguished. Time only retires to a place known as the past while it reincarnates and keeps on counting years.
At Urban Song we take this moment to review some of the writings that were cast down during the entire 2013. This year the writings were just a hobby, yes to me poetry is what I play, what I like in essence it is my daily event. I like Hip-Hop and I write in a Rappers Eye View well that is strange but only to you who see it that way. Listed are poems and anything else that is on this blog as from Jan 2013 till this post not in any order: Feel free to click on any link and be my reader. Happy New Year 2014.
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