Back With A Free Will

It's been a while
Since I talked to you this way
In a tone only eyes do understand
Neatly displayed in a single verse
The words to be played top to bottom and in reverse
This poem made of one verse will blow like the wind
Go places run round this universe
Like oxygen gets to other humans enrich their lives
Get to plants give them a fresh breath of life
Come out fresh and do this forever.
The poem I am about to write will be like fire
Burning hot like a first time lovers desire
This poem is like that missive to the girl of his dreams
Filled with passion and sweeter dreams
Mission to bring people together | unite them in love.
This poem shall be a beginning of our time
Penned with zeal clinging tightly to the pen
In a style known only to Thelastpoet
A new way of writing, the only way indeed
The poem will always be read last
Always summarizing a happy ending
I am at the point where my thoughts wonder free
This poem just like a will, cut short by the lack of ink
Leaving the readers in 'awe' and my spirit at peace
In this poem, I leave everything I ever known
In the end will write.... Author Unknown.


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