2013 In Review

2013 a year that will now be history only a memory to many, a time some will reflect and smile while others will reflect and curse. That is how time is in life, time really never expires, unlike a fire time can never be extinguished. Time only retires to a place known as the past while it reincarnates and keeps on counting years.

At Urban Song we take this moment to review some of the writings that were cast down during the entire 2013. This year the writings were just a hobby, yes to me poetry is what I play, what I like in essence it is my daily event. I like Hip-Hop and I write in a Rappers Eye View well that is strange but only to you who see it that way. Listed are poems and anything else that is on this blog as from Jan 2013 till this post not in any order: Feel free to click on any link and be my reader. Happy New Year 2014.


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