To Us Without Valentine Prospects

It is high time I start taking this Valentine Thing seriously, yeah that will definitely be a step in the wrong direction, oh boy you are getting old and should actually start thinking of settling down, everyone in town is doing the same, all your ex girlfriends are now married with at-least a kid to show of it while you still single with a stone age perception that falling in love is about being soft. Well it isn't a perception but I am a hard to the core I will never be overwhelmed by strong emotions such as love.

Anyway back to the Valentine thing, what is it all about?  why do they talk about chemistry when it comes to the affairs of the heart? why not call it Mathematics, Agriculture or just Biology, adding one plus one there is an obvious answer unless you want to fail, come to think of it; the heart is a biological organ and so is the rose flower a symbol a plant in that matter, Not sure about love and chemistry maybe its because of the tears that are shed; a mixture of water and salt, I am not sure either about why only one day in a year but I am just certain that when that time approaches all the female humans are tense, some with anticipations some with prospects and all are just waiting.

The male species is not a lucky being either, some are about to go broke, some are worried yes and some are just waiting for their feast of the year. I am forever alone watching from a distance just thinking that I should start taking this day seriously. But maybe I should just wait  two days after and then start thinking about February 14th.


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