Happy B-Day Emmanuh 2014

Tonight I took on an interesting journey,
Call it a journey of twenty-something years,
The journey of my dreams,
Traveled back to my childhood days
Back to the precious saved memories,
In a bid to listen to childhood stories,
Hoping to catch a happily ever after,
Hidden somewhere deep in the dreams,
I would never love to wake up just yet,
To a world that will make me forget those wonderful memories.

I visited the days....
Days when I had a shoulder to lean on,
Days when mama could tuck me into my crib,
Days when I leapt without fear of a heartbreak,
Days when my cries sent everyone into a frenzy,
Days when my little smile stole women's hearts,
Days when the sun always came from the east,
Days when rivers could flow and birds could sing,
Days when I struggled like a drunk man to get my balance
Yes, I got there safely.

Too many memories are hidden far away beyond my reach
I wish I could narrate and tale you all of it,
Only the best I saved in my heart till this day,
Since the journey was so short I had to grasp the best,
The ones I reminisce and cherish forever,
The days, on the eve of all my birthdays,
The nights I would stay up late just to watch me grow taller
Now I laugh at the taught that I Didn’t realize of how I grew older
Now those were the beautiful days

On my way, I encountered some days,
Which I am not sure if I should celebrate
or just sit down hold my chin and regret,
These are the days with memories
of the events I didn't participate
of the beautiful girls, I did not date
of the rough games, I did not play
of the best food, I left on my plate
of the trips on holidays, I did not make,
Gone are those days

But today I woke up with an Idea,
A new way to preserve the best memories,
Keep the forgotten forever hidden in my heart,
It is my birthday and I should celebrate,
With a blow to the candles, wish for a brighter future,
Clear my doubts I should live for the future,
I am grateful for the past 4 it made me who I am,
and thanks for the 20th day of every December
You shall be a memory to my life
Live forever, and Happy B-Day Emmanuel


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