What Have I Done

I should have knocked instead,
of bursting like this in your homestead,
maybe I should have called on you yesterday,
to tell you that this is just a habit of mine,
it is a secret I held unto so dearly,
A part I do so and so daily,
When the grip of life is so tight,
when they begin to dim the light,
I play this game to release the pressure,
to find the solution,
as if the answer lies in the lines,
I must search each alphabet,
I must toss the words up and about,
now look at what I have done.

I should have written a letter instead,
of calling and telling this to your face,
Maybe I should have send someone else,
to ease you a bit before you listen to what I say,
I know I should not have made this mistake,
I should have talked to your friends,
tell them to pass on this message,
but at the moment do I have a choice?
forever you will never hear my voice,
singing to you this beautiful song,
instead I will be left with a single memory,
of a love so sweet I will be regretting,
cursing the day I looked in your eyes,
and just spelled all the words that were lies,
now look what I have Done.


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