When I Was in Your Life

I am that guy,
I am not just that type
Who feels himself with air and real hype,
I cannot plan myself I just happen,
Tell myself am strong I can’t be shaken,
When I fall in love my heart can’t be broken,
and when I pick a pen I can’t write a love poem,
I used to deceive myself am the one who gives,
I could not be on the end that receives,
Stronger like a soldier with a handheld shield,
My life was just perfect no place for grief,
a definition of happiness learn it from my life,
Everything was super this life ilikuwa juu,
Then the best happened and I met you,
Turned my life upside down literally,
Brought me closer to love and reality,
Pushed me to someone I loved dearly,
I became crazy everything transformed,
this world was filled I was never alone,
I began watching the boring soaps,
Changed the place where I hanged my phone,
From my pockets to every time in my hands,
a minute wouldn't pass without a text from you,
a moment of silence left me thinking about you,
It was either my other thoughts or just you,
In life I found meaning and they were just two,
One was love and the other was you.

I remember when I was in your life,
I was the leader, the president, the king,
I had a palace, a kingdom an empire,
I was private, sergeant and commander,
The hugs we embraced left us clinging to each other,
and then we took this thing a step further,
I was complete when I had you in my arms,
I knew I was falling into love secret charms,
I knew I had something, a precious Love,
When I was in your life......

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