Classic Poetic Love

Spot me, heed me, and sense me,
Devour me, sip me, and swallow me,
Consider me, tease me, but need me,
Touch me, hold me, and hug me,
Sit with me, be with me, and never leave me,
Like me, love me, and adore me,
Miss me, think about me, and dream me,
Spell me, read me, and write me,
Recite me, narrate me and sing me,
And when you are done,
Never stop me, never leave me, and never neglect me,
Don’t forget me, don’t abandon me and don’t cast me,
Don’t fool me, don’t play me and don’t cheat on me,
Don’t separate from me, don’t divorce me, and don’t quit on me,
Please I beg you to finish me.

A Simple one About what you think it is, Simple said yet the meaning is far away in between the lines.


  1. the repetition gives the piece rhythm making it musical. I like it

  2. That is the best thing about poetry nowadays, free to create and rhythm is flawless


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