I Miss Her

This morning I woke up early,
The sun is hot but I feel so cold,
Thinking it has been a while since she left my side,
Encouraging myself be strong saying I am a man,
But I can’t hold back the tears flowing in my heart,
I try to close my eyes but I still see her,
I still feel the beautiful smell of her hair,
All is not well for
I miss her.

Every time I try to move on
I turn around and come back solo,
In my dreams she visits me,
In my thoughts, in my blood she flows,
All am left with are beautiful memories,
Of how we used to be the pair,
And of the beautiful love that we shared,
Oh if I could turn back the hands of time,
She still could been mine but now
I miss her.

I loved the way she rolled her lips,
Still see the beautiful eyes looking up at me,
Carrying me away to a place I called heaven
That sound ooohoo she made,
The times we embraced,
The promises we gave through text,
Through the nights lost in love,
All that was her in my life,
I miss her.

But now she is gone,
The short sweet weekends we used to share,
Have now turned into long miserable days,
The days are longer and the nights are colder,
The funny moments we had,
Are now a blur and times are sad,
The sweet music we used to listen,
Turns out to pierce my heart when it sings,
I miss her.

Right now I write these thoughts,
Put her on paper and keep her off my mind,
But with every word I pen down,
I feel alone more and more
Every sentence I complete
It is like am having a dream,
That She be standing in my door,
And every stanza I finish,
Makes me feel like a lonely loner,


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