Kenyan Love

I know I am Kenyan by Birth,
Nothing shall ever come between the two of us,
Will live here forever 'until death do us part,
Kenyan Love that’s what this is all about,
Defining Thelastpoet; a poet by art,
Kenyan a poet, Shall be as long as my breath shall last,
In the line of poets find me standing last,
Always say am not least but the latest,
Love stories life worries on paper is where I cast,
Happiness, freedom is what I do find,
In writing this lines quenching my thirst,
It’s the only way I tell my secrets, 
The only place I find my defense,
The land of Diversity we are forty two.
This is all about Kenya too.

From the expansive waters of the Indian Ocean
Through the palm covered sites of the coast,
Going up through the woods of Tsavo
Across the urban towns in Nairobi,
Down the Great Rift Valley,
To the new found treasures of Turkana,
You can’t stop but to wonder
Then move west to Luanda,
The land of Magere the great Warrior,
Feel the fresh breeze of Lake Victoria,
To the uplands of the Nandi Hills,
The home of champions like Iten,
That is not all until you move west,
Smile at the beauty of Kakamega,
This is all about Kenya..

We are from the same mother,
Our homeland, our neighborhood and lands further, 
like birds of the same feather,
diversity is ours yes but the minority tend to disagree,
part of human nature yes to some degree,
if I stand aside and look at society, 
I see one big round entity,
held together by the common phrase 'humanity'
but why should I be alone on this side,
If get washed by the incoming tide,
on my own I will drown,
so I came down and joined this crowd,
and embrace the human culture,
like those born of the same mother,
Her name is Mama Kenya.


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