A Case of Time, Music and Medicine

Music medicine for the soul! So they said quoting any good song, I never doubt them I let my ears be the judge. Back then Music was soul and songs were medicine. The older the songs the sweeter they did sound, Time has really grown, now 2013 years old, How it relates to medicine I don't understand, Les you disregard old wine tests sweeter on the other end Medicine too has been known to taste bitter.

In a case like this who be the petitioners, in the stands lets add the listeners, on the other side bring on the composers, The song writers and the performers, Have them give the evidence just like artists, He said a painter paints pictures on canvas,Let the musicians paint their pictures on silence.

Time and music should not be on the case, this is just not their place, they are like freedom free indeed, can’t be proven guilty or innocent, but if you must get somebody else, In medicine we have the testers,it no fair call them guinea pigs, To know how it is we use wine testers, as for music and time I am spoilt for choice,

Music has forever stood the test of time, as always can defend itself,  just like time will tell you can’t trace when it started counting it can’t be stopped will echo forever, they say music is in the air only takes a keen ear to be the judge the only stands music will take is the stage. And everybody will face the music.

To b contd…..


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