Heartbreaking News

Let no one show her this piece,
It is full of heartbreaking news,
That will only bring tears to her eyes,
They say speed that thrills kills,
Funny how when in love our hearts race,
The love dies and we are always left hurt,
They also say time heals a broken heart,
Mine shall be after crafting this piece of art,
Behind the shadows of long and cold nights,
These lines shall be a song that I will sing,
In the world of poetry my poem shall speak,
Telling it all, a love gone sour tale,
A narrative I have but hate to narrate,
For it serves memories hot on a cold plate,
Bringing back the times we used to share,
Times when the world never had an end,
Opening up to places forever I cared,
They say true love is hard to find,
Until this time life has been very kind,
Now I know the same love has always been that blind,

2 b contd.....


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