Power of Silence #Fatuma

I remember that day,
That day that I saw her,
Standing all by herself in the corner,
While others joined singing the chorus
Of the band on stage,
It didn't seem at all strange,
But she stole my attention,
She was so much composed,
Could pass for a beautiful song,
The musicians with their own compositions,
Backed by the thundering instruments,
Her face lacked any emotions,
Her eyes had a thousand expressions,
Looking at the guy with the microphone,
While he shouted on top of his voice,
Nothing even the loud music moved her
Then she turned.

The night was full of noises,
The music behind her back,
The melody so sweet to be ignored,
Yet she chose to stare at the sky,
Looking at the beautiful night stars,
And at the moon behind the forming clouds,
She seemed attracted more to that silent order,
than the happenings behind her back,
And the night was growing colder,
Then her eyes gazed at the trees,
I followed
As the wind bend down the trees,
She quietly embraced the peace, 
I made steps to approach her,
She turned,
She was beautiful I saw,
I could not speak but wanted to talk,
Only managed a whisper
Though barely heard,
In my essence I could feel her,
She turned

I stood there,
It was ages before she turned,
I saw the tears in her eyes
They seemed to cover all the words,
That she had for me,
I could not ask but only understood,
Why music never moves her,
Why my greetings were not answered,
I did understand why she turned.
Then I wrote out this piece,
It was not for her but by herself,
Every word crafted out of her thought,
The way she saw me staring she read my mind,
How we connected and that’s how it came to be
That I could tell what she felt in real,
I was her voice her expression her sound.
I was her Voice


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