Before I Sleep

I take a pen and paper,
Write up a conclusion of my thoughts,
Hoping to scare off nightmares,
Put them on paper save for another day,
Say goodbye to this day,
And prepare myself for the next day,
Before I sleep,
I know it is like journey I am going to take,
Passing through the night while asleep,
Seeing the world in my dreams,
Stopping at the sweetest dreams,
And when I awake I will have reached my destination,
A better place it will be,
At dawn that be my destiny,
A new day to not only start a new,
But to keep on moving thorough this life,
For now before I sleep,
I have to say a prayer to my Heavenly Father,
Pray for his might protection,
Give Him thanks for the preservation,
For the day that comes to pass,
For the family in this life and the friends that I have,
I pray to my Creator my Maker,
Who watches over me when I sleep,
Who gives me a goodnight kiss
Because I am one of his
Child and he inspires me,
Reinvents me and gives me new might
Amen to that and now I can turn off the lights, 
Embark on this Safari
While He watches over me as I snore into the night.


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