I Write For The Government

National secrets administered by oaths,
Public speeches written as songs,
A country where milk and honey flow,
The Acts paragraphs in the constitution,
The amendments altered as by-laws,
Grafts defining corruption,
Devolution dissolving the vice,
Civil protection, military offensives,
Territory demarcations,
Land ownership grabbing a nation,
Stepping down pending investigations,
State officers taking vacations,
Laws, ethics and civil codes,
Bureaucracy Administrative structures,
News Propaganda the Media departments,
Painting the Coat of my government,
Lower House, Upper House Our House,
Political greed, The People’s needs,
Public eye, civil society bodies,
Seeing Evil deeds branded Innocent,
That is justice the way it is,
Living in Harmony with peace,
The ignorance of the elite,
Separated by The middle class,
Tolerating the low class ingenuity,
The tribunals, judge’s Supreme Court’s decisions,
Mass action movements, go slow demonstrations,
The police extrajudicial killings,
Disappearing acts, evidence mutilation,
Conceding the facts,
Social Justice Synonymous to Mob justice,
I write the life of a government,
One term, short term 2 terms long term,
Elections results, disputes court battles,
Tribunals committees, vetting boards,
Drug lords, cartels kitchen cabinets,
Defense, vigilante codes militia oaths,
Organized crime commission reports,

I wrote them for the Government.


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