I Have a Daugther

I finally have a daughter,
She was conceived and born off my Ex lovers,
For I failed to choose the real mother, for whoever was nice I let em have my daughter, whoever came first love spread at sight, when I come to think of it we are not in good terms with the mothers, These thoughts make me believe that my daughter shall not experience the love of her father, because I shall be married off to another,  woman who never knew about my daughter,   she be ready to erase my pain of the loss, but promised to give me another, as long as I won’t let her know about my daughter, even though situations force us not to be together, my daughter flows in my blood, she is in my thoughts contemplating her in my dreams and wish she was born at another time, that time I shall make right choices, a time when I will be married to her mother,  so she grows knowing her real father, a time when I come home, she be waiting for me at the door, smiling to her hero, a time when she be the only woman in my life, second from my mother and first to her mother, I look up to that day, wand off these thoughts, seal off these holes, temptations come and go, I shall be here and wait, until that day, to have my Daughter.


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