Light at The End of This Tunnel

I was tired and wasted,
Had neither desire nor the urge to pick it up,
Staring at the darkness in my mind,
Trying to collect every bit of my thoughts,
Anything that will run across,
But all was vague I was blank,
Could not start could not stop,
I could not erase what was down,
I cursed whatever brought me here,
Looked ahead but the exit was nowhere near,
The place seemed so strange so unusual
Maybe I was in the writer’s block,
The melody was gone,
The passion was now bitter,
Sense seemed the only way to think,
The eyes refused to blink,
For my feelings were on paper,
I was in a circle myself in the center,
Possibly could go in any direction,
To reach the margin and end this frustration,
But my feet ran a ground,
Everything was against my efforts,
The body, the mind and my soul were not willing,
I needed a reason to up my spirit,
I needed a splint to light the fire,
Raise it up to light the end of this tunnel.


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