Microphone Love

Turn the microphone on,
I want to drop another hit song,
That will echo forever on and on,
Feel the world and top the charts,
This is true not merely a fact,
I am ahead but they call me the LAST,
In numerical I am number one,
To celebrities they see me as the star,
When I focus on you this very day,
You came knocking on my door,
Luckily you found me I was still at home,
The door is wide open am at the back,
That’s why they say am the LAST,
I can’t be compared to Pioneers am the latest,
You see yourself as the best
They see me and say am still the finest
When you stand you think you are very bright,
But guess what I am too brilliant,
They call you ordinary,
But to me am very extraordinary,
When on the streets you are riding but am cruising,
I hope you see where I am going,
But u don’t because you have sight,
I have vision,
Now I provoke you and you are hard breathing
But sorry bro I am just ventilating,
What have you got to say?
Don’t just stand there with your mouth wide open,
Give a clap to THELASTPOET.


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