Tusker Project Fame Top 10 Album

Tpf Top 10 Album

The long awaited tusker project fame top 10 album has been released and is now available at the Tusker Project Fame Website. You can now listen to the number one song by the 2012 #Tpf5 winner Ruth Matete online. Here is a list of the top ten songs. Please note the list is not in sequential order signifying the best songs.


Ruth                                  Ndoto Langu
Steve                                 I'll Be There
Samatha                            Avec Toi
Jackson                             Sio Mapenzi
Joe                                    Set Me Free
Nancy                               Welede
Allan                                 No Jealouse Me
Eunice                               This Kind of Love
Sharon                              Nzi Ndi Nawe
Doreen                              Muciari

Hope the artists will make more songs for their fans and not be like their previous artists from the academy.


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