Finally we are out/ its bin 12 years in da education house/ ups en downs in da class we passed the system/ we young victims of teachers who now cant reach us,,./ this is Wat was on the minds of the 4m 4 leavers/ but out there da worlds open/ everyday u hear bullets dropping/ coz there are no rules/ life is so rude/ en so nice.., its not school with written motto's/ no when u fail u face the law/ there is no principal with speeches in the oral/ dat am a parent,,../life has some warrant/ though to few who gone en faced da shape of the other phase/ bt after school,,. ma father abandoned me to ma own/ on roads like many am looking 4 a job/ in possession a cert from the ordinary level/ it hard like the orientation/ back in stage 1/ never know life outcome/ but still hopeful nothing will turn me down/ toward the light I head,,/ ideas blowing in ma head/ out of the tunnel is ma pride/ but ma success only comes when I lead one astride/ further from initial position/ to positively win recognition/ that's why am happy/ not bad but will give u company/ ma music wont make u jumpy/ but provoke Ur mind to listen in a style/ only me can outline ma life wit a smile/ so simple....,/ en difficult to u like a riddle/ sweet in all ears like a jingle,,,./ of coins 2 sound richness,,,,.,/ in a very poor village,,,,,,.



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