Genius Talk

If I could think like a genius,
Then all my life will be serious,
It’s like am thinking hard to find it easy,
Then see the sense and stop thinking,
I will be dead, but guess am still living,
That’s why I write these words,
And turn my ideas into songs,
Trying to show me the write ways,
Am lost these days,
But that’s cold life, in other terms,
On the streets HIP-HOP is ma vehicle,
With lyrics I try to forecast ma destiny,
And think big like myself
Trying to remember the golden ages
When every grown up did right
When my perception was only limited to my sight,
Days of warm and cold nights
But now things have changed as ever
I see reality more than pen and paper
I know white from black
Front from back,
If am leaving or am gone for good
These words are simple, but coz of the beats
They sound like riddles
They aren’t a challenge, but it’s simple
Message set in your mind
To think it simple don’t be serious
So that you can crown yourself a genius.


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