A Toast to Mr DJ

E-Yo Mr DJ,
please engage the replay,
While you are making that mix-tape
the party-people be throwing their hands in the air,
just like in the old skull they don care.
turn it up loud and rewind selector,
while the records spin and spin again,
hit me with the samples let me hear,
the "ikibamba sana wapi nduru!",
Mr DJ what is your kinda of style,
is it free or full headsets swag,
are you the digital DJ or the VDJ,
Scratch, scratch the decks for my song,
I miss the vinyls but now we have gone modern,
it used to be Cd's then,
but if your the DJ nowadays we use Ipods,
or even sync the decks to a Mac-book pro,
en if you are a pro get your fans on facebook Jo,
maybe you will say am off the hook,
but the DJ makes lots of money than the MIC MC,
as Mr DJ always controls the beats,
leveling, sequencing and thus turn the dancers into beasts,
while on the floor moving their bodies to the motion,
tell you Djying is a movement out there,
when on the streets everywhere,
the Matatus blast to the sound-beats of Mr DJ
each one of them with the latest Mixes,
thumbs up to You Mr. DJ.

Mr DJ Workspace
Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

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