Love Stressful Journey

On my way out
My mind takes a stroll
Visiting all the memories I saved
Some are blur others very clear
I single out the brightest
These are the times we shared
Me and you just the two of us
From the day we met
To the time we parted ways
The best times of joy
The moments cut short with sadness
You were high in the sky
Beautiful as the evening star
Was on the ground you pulled me up
Riding on the silver clouds pure with happiness
Thoughts of loneliness we left behind
For true love we did find
New love tender and warm
Until jealousy walked in
Trading our glee with sorrow
Lending a helping hand in our efforts to be one
Separating the hearts bounded by trust
Destroying the beauty you saw in me
Enslaving our minds with uttermost hatred
Thoughts of you make me regret
I never knew what I had until you were taken


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