24th Annivesary

It is Times like these,
I sit down under some shade,
Take out pieces of paper and pen,
Then travel back memory lane,
To a time when I had a glimpse of life,
It was blur but d future looked ripe,
It’s that time again
Now under this shade,
They say I have come of age,
It is my time 2 enter a new stage,
Make new performance,
It’s a new chance, a new glance.
When that clock ticks at mid-night,
I will b filled with new might,
I will be granted new sight,                                                                  
2 walk another yearly journey.
Today I will blow 24 candles, one by one as they go out,
That’s the kind of life in the past,
Thanking mama and papa 4 this chance to say Happy B.day,
To God is the glory for giving me this breath.


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