An open letter from our Kenyan men and women currently serving in the Kenya Defense Forces

"When Duty Calls"

I am a Kenyan who stands proud and tall
I am a patriot who heard the call

I could be the kid you knew next door
The one you don’t see around anymore

Maybe you have wondered, where did he go
It’s sad to say, you just don’t know

You have seen me many times before
Never knowing I went off to war

Perhaps you caught a glimpse of me on TV
But did not know I‘m who keeps you free from alshabab

If you have trouble with my name

Remember, I do my job and seek no fame

People call me a hero of late
But I think it’s always been my fate

And if I see God’s bright light
I know my sacrifice was right

I am Kenyan who stands proud and tall
I am patriot who heard the call

I am a Soldier and that is all"

Remember us in your prayers................. "Operation Linda Nchi" 

Courtesy of Robert Ingati


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