Love for Kenya

I met this lady on my way
She asked me for a favor in a single way
Asked me to write her a rap song
But recently I feel something is wrong
Because I can’t finish this song
If given the microphone, I can’t let go
Hold it close to my mouth till the last line drops
She only wanted it 4 her son
To bring peace in her house
Then I remembered of Kenya
Where peace dint last 4eva
Because the politicians began to feel bit clever
En took the vote for their game
But this is not the time to lay blames
I got this microphone the crowds give me some psyche
I have to preach it in white
To brothers, sisters and everyone alike
Let’s join hands it’s time we play life
And 4get those hatred games
From the east to the west
Together as one
This is a message of love.....................


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